Tri-Fi Pax Pod



Buy tri-fi pax pod for sale. The tri-fi pax pod consists of hemp oil from the tri-fi weed strain. This indica dominant weed strain results as the hybrid from a cross between the triangle kush and Fire OG strains. Aromatically, it smells earthy, pine-like and woody. It equally tastes sweet spiced with an earthy sensation.

Vaping this pod gives an uplifting feeling after a few puffs. This then later transforms into a full body high due to the indica dominance in this pax pod. The user sinks into a state of complete relaxation. It also delivers a euphoric feeling of pure happiness and often leaves the user giggly. However, this pax pod doesn’t leave users completely couch-locked. Some users equally testify to this pod possessing aphrodisiac properties hence it can make for some night time fun.

The sativa component of this pod equally acts upon the user as it gives of mental stimulation. The user feels cerebral spiked which leads to creativity. Using this pod equally delivers an increase in energy. Hence the combination of feeling energized and creative makes this pod good for creative projects. It equally best suits later day uses due to its body high and complete relaxation feeling. Also, it goes well with a social gathering among close friends like in a house chill or something.