Sunset Sherbet Pax Pod



Buy Sunset Sherbet pax pod for sale. The sunset sherbet pax pod contains hemp oil made from the famous sunset sherbet strain. This hemp oil leans slightly to the indica spectrum as it results from a cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies and the pink panties. This pax pod releases a candy sweet taste sprinkled with a citrusy and skunky vapor when burned.

Vaping this pod gives the consumer a best of both worlds. An energizing head rush sativa high accompanied by the full body couch lock indica relaxation. This combination starts off slowly and then kicks into a full body stone with a droopy feeling of complete relaxation. This then eventually leads the user to crash in the nearest comfortable surroundings.

While being drowned in complete relaxation, the user equally faces a lot of mental stimulation. Users testify to the fact that while being couch locked they still experience a provocation of imaginative thinking. The mind in this state sinks into lucidity while daydreaming and still being alert and focused.