Spark THC Pax Era Pod For Sale



Buy spark THC pax era pod for sale. The spark THC pax era pod consists of sativa dominant cannabis oil and associates its origin with the famous Jack Herer strain. This cannabis oil burns to release an earthy pine flavor. It equally tastes like citrus fruits spiced with some dank pine. The THC levels in this pax pod maxes out at 90%.

This pax pod gives a fast high after just a few puffs. This high starts with an uplifting feeling which later turns to a mental stimulation. This mental stimulation gives the mind energy which results in increased creativity. This creativity also comes with a high sense of focus and a clear mind stress free. As such, this makes this pax pod excellent for artistry and creative projects.

This pax era pod also does well in mood modulation. It boosts your mood when you feel down or gloomy and equally makes you energetic. This pax pod also gives a feeling of pure euphoria and peak happiness. This makes this pax pod excellent for social meetings or parties. It equally best suits daytime use.