Sativa Pax Era Pod



Buy sativa pax era pod for sale. The Sativa pax era pod consists of 100% cannabis oil from a pure sativa cannabis plant. As such, this pod burns with a smell that depends on the plant used to make the cannabis oil. Aromatically, sativa cannabis oil generally burns with a mix of citrus and earth accompanied by a rocket fuel smell. It equally taste like earth with a slight sweetness added to it.

This pax pod gives typical sativa effects and no traits of any kind of body high. Vaping this pod provides a sharp mental stimulation which comes as early as just after a few puffs. It equally gives an uplifting feeling which comes with the feeling of an enhanced state of well-being. Also this pod gives a boost in energy thus reducing fatigue and letting task get done.

This pax era pod does very well in boosting focus and equally enhancing creativity. As a result of the combination of these factors, this pod perfectly suits working on creative projects. Due to its uplifting ability, it improves your mood hence goes well with social gatherings and parties. This pod best suits morning and afternoon use and also for creative assignments or tasks.