Remedy 3:1 CBD Pax Era Pod For Sale



Buy Remedy 3:1 CBD pax era pod for sale. The remedy 3:1 CBD pax era pod consists of the highest CBD to THC ratio in any pax pod. As such it equally contains the highest CBD quantity standing at a staggering 64.7% of the total cannabinoids. Vaping this pod releases a distinct fruity and earth like smell. It equally tastes sweet due to this pod using the blue dream weed strain as its source for this pax pod.

This pax era pod best suits the CBD lover. It provides a mild high which states immediately after just the first few puffs. Vaping this pod sinks you straight into your mattress and provides a smooth feeling of calm. The THC in this pod equally hits you later and sends you into a full relaxing vibe. However, you will not feel a very deep body relaxation like in indica dominant pods.

This pod promotes rest and as such best suits night time use and before sleeping. This pax pod also regulates your mood and provides pain relief. CBD lovers love this pax pod because it gives you a high with little or no psych activity. As such the user feels relaxed and pain relieved but still in control and conscious. Sometimes, it equally gives a sense of focus, mild euphoria and compulsory deep breathing.