Pax Era


Pax Era for sale

Pax Era, a cutting-edge vaporizer crafted by Pax Labs, employing an advanced pen and pod vaporizing system. This compact vaporizer is exclusively compatible with Pax pods, offering a diverse range of over 250 strains containing either nicotine or various cannabis oils from different weed strains. Collaborations with numerous partners provide users with a broad selection of oils to explore. Each pod is equipped with dual wicking, ensuring optimal enjoyment of every drop of vape oil.

Boasting a sleek and slender design, this vaporizer is highly portable and lightweight. Its uncomplicated components simplify the assembly process, making it user-friendly. Inserting the Pax pod into the vaporizer is all it takes to start vaping. The vaporizer’s battery life spans approximately 4 hours, catering to your vaping needs in a way that surpasses other devices on the market.