Orange Creamsicle Pax Pod



Buy orange creamsicle pax pod for sale.The orange creamsicle pax era pod consist of a sativa dominant hemp oil created by using two of the sweetest strains around; juicy fruity and orange crush. As a result, when you smoke this pod, it leaves behind an orange and vanilla scent. Also it tastes creamy and has a melt in your mouth effect with a long lasting delicious after taste.

Vaping this pod gives the consumer a slow building and euphoric lift that makes the consumer completely relaxed. Furthermore, the higher you get, the more your energy levels intensify until you reach a peak of pure happiness and motivation. At this point you feel yourself being cradled in the clouds with a big smile on your face.

Vaping this pod gives the consumer a sense of calm and fast acting euphoria after a few puffs. This may be spiced with a feeling of ecstasy as your mood enhances and worries melt away. Also expect a touch of lethargy. The THC level of this pod is 74%.