OG Kush Pax Pod



Buy OG Kush pax pod for sale. The OG Kush pax pod contains hemp oil from the famous OG kush strain. This legendary weed strain offers the best of both sativa and indica worlds due to its almost perfect balance. It however slightly inclines toward the sativa spectrum. When burned, this pod gives off a woodsy and earthy smell. It equally taste like lemons and spice mixed together and a small dash of citrus added to it.

This pax pod perfectly blends the sativa and Indica feelings. That said, the user feels an uplifting effect on the very first hit. This then goes on to deliver a strong euphoric feeling of pure happiness together with a very calm mind state. It equally gives intense cerebral stimulation with a feeling best described as floating among the stars.

This pax pod due to its perfect combination of mental stimulation and mood improvement suits many social activities. These include playing games, partying, exercises and even just carrying out basic conversations. It also contains rumored sexual enhancement effects so you can as well try your luck in the bedroom.