Monster Cookies Single Origin Pax Era Pod



Buy Monster Cookies single origin pax era pod for sale. The monster cookies single origin pax era pod contains hemp oil from the monster cookies weed strain. This strain results as a cross between Girl Scout cookies and the fancy Granddaddy purple. As such this pax pod best suits the indica lover as it is as high as 80% indica dominant. Vaping this pod leaves a delicious fruity flavor that tastes like a sweet cherry cookie dough.

This pax era pod gives a slow building high. This high then quickly turns into a full body stone that results in an overwhelming couch lock feeling. The user feels an uplifting feeling with a sense of complete relaxation. Cerebral stimulations may also arise but not high enough to get the user creative. As such, this strain best suits night use and also idle times.

Vaping this pax pod leaves the user feeling sleepy but awake enough to engage in social discussions. It equally delivers a dose of euphoria and deep physical relaxation. This pax pod equally provides a calming sedation that increases over time. As such this makes it ideal for a house chill or small friendly gathering.