Mendo Breath Pax Pod



Buy mendo breath pax pod for sale. The mendo breath pax era pod consists of the mendo breath hemp oil which composes of a breed between the famous OG Kush and Mendo montage. Smoking this pod leaves behind a vanilla and candy-like smell. It equally tastes of sugar and vanilla leaving behind a rather satisfying nostalgic aftertaste.

Vaping this pax pod gives the consumer a cerebral rush of an uplifting feeling on the first inhale. The uplifting feeling then further evolves into a heavily uplifting body high. As such, this sends the consumer into a state of euphoria which eventually leads you to a deep couch lock. Watch your sorrows fade away into the background darkness of your mind as you float in a cool ocean breeze.

This pax pod best suits night use as it gives a sleepy vibe. Also, it gives a rather body high with a euphoric feeling of happiness and a relaxing feeling. Vaping this pod does not really favor creativity due its indica dominace in the hemp oil. This pax pod contains 69.8% of THC and 0.2% of CBD.