Jack Frost Single Origin Pax Pod



Buy Jack Frost single origin pax pod for sale. Jack Frost single origin pax pod consist of Jack Frost cannabis oil. The Jack Frost strain lineage includes Nothern lights, white widow ,Jack Herer and the Rainbow Kashmiri. As such, the sativa in this hybrid expresses dominance. The cannabis oil in this pod burns to give a sweet citrus and wood like smell. It equally taste like sweet citrus spiced with a little bit of musk.

This pax era pod gives a fast high after just a few puffs. However, this high lasts for long as the indica component of the pax pod sets in after the sativa high. This pax pod gives an uplifting high followed by a highly euphoric feeling. As such, this makes the user very giggly and in a state of pure happiness. Vaping this pod equally gives a mental stimulation which makes you high energy and gets your creative juices growing. Hence it goes well with artistic search for inspiration and also makes you focused.

This pax era pod gives a second phase high which is a state of pure relaxation and calm. This equally makes the jack frost almost perfect for social interactions and parties as it also gives an uplifting feeling. Some reports say vaping this pod makes sexual intercourse better so you may spice things up at night. This pod best suits day time use and sometimes parties.