Indica Pax Era Pod



Buy indica pax era pod for sale. The indica pax era pod consist of hemp oil from a purely indica cannabis species. As such, this hemp oil can burn with varying scents depending on the indica plant chosen. However, pure indica hemp oil burns to give a somewhat fruity like smell with an earthy aroma. It also tastes sweet and citrusy. Some pure indica strains include Mazar, Pakistan Chitral Kush, deep chunk and Hindu Kush.

This pax era pod gives the vaper a complete sense of relaxation and a generally uplifting feeling. It equally gives the user a feeling of euphoria and a full body high. Also expect a really intense couch lock on vaping this pod as you will feel a complete laziness inside you. This results due to the deep physical relaxation which makes the body’s limbs feeling very heavy.

Pax era indica pods best suit night use or when the user has nothing to do. These pods do not spark mental stimulation like in the sativa pods.. This pax era pod equally sparks hunger upon its use. It also gives very sedative effects.