Hybrid Pax Era Pod


Hybrid pax era pod for sale

Buy hybrid pax era pod for sale. The hybrid pax era pod is a collaboration between pax era and bloom farms to create a smooth vaping experience. It contains cannabis oil which releases herbal pineapple flavor when vaped. This pax era pod equally taste like earth spiked with an underlying pine after taste. The THC levels in this pax pod max out at about 78% to give you a smooth mellowed feeling.

This pax era pod provides an uplifting feeling straight from the go with just a few puffs. This uplifting then continues to give you a head high typically above the body buzz. The head high consists of a mental stimulation which makes the user feel energized. Also, vaping this pod gives a highly euphoric feeling characterized by peak happiness and a sense of calm. As such, this pax pod makes an excellent fit for social gatherings and mood boosting.

Vaping this pax era pod gives the mind some cerebral energy. As such, this makes the mind clear and gives the user a sense of focus. This cerebral energy equally makes the mind active and gives space for the mind to be creative. This makes this pax era pod excellent for creative activity and for doing other pending task. As it says on the package, use this pax era pod anytime of the day.