Godfather OG Single Origin Pax Pod



Buy Godfather OG Single Origin Pax Pod for sale. The Godfather OG single origin pax pod consists of cannabis oil from the Godfather OG strain. This strain results as a cross between the XXX OG and Alpha OG. This gives birth to a cannabis strain which contains indica-dominant oil. This pod burns to give a spicy smell coupled with a scent of grapes. It equally tastes sweet and earthy.

Vaping this pod gives a slow building uplifting feeling. Due to the indica dominance in this pax pod, it burns to give a feeling of complete relaxation. In this completely relaxed state the user also feels a pure feeling of happiness. The user equally feels euphoria and a deep body physical relaxation that makes you feel happy and almost immobile.

The sativa component of this pod gives you a mental stimulation. This results in you being mentally energized and slightly creative. However, due to the heavily sedating properties you will still be in a couch lock. As such, the mental energy goes into creating soothing daydreams that eventually lead you to sleep. This pax pod goes well with doing nothing and best suits night time use before bed.