Float THC Pax Era Pod For sale



Buy float THC pax era pod for sale. The float thc pax era pod consist of a high indica cannabis oil and associates with the UK Cheese strain. This pax pod burns to give a cheesy skunky flavor. It equally tastes like berries with undertones of spicy cheese. The THC levels in this pax era pod maxes out at about 90%.

This pax era pod gives a feeling of full relaxation and an overwhelming calm. Like its fellow indica dominant pax pods, it equally gives a feeling of euphoria and deep physical relaxation. The high of this pax pod takes some time to kick in but gives an uplifting feeling upon inhaling. However, the high sends the user into a full body couch lock where in the body of the user feels heavy.

The float pax era pod was designed to give the consumer a deep feeling of relaxation and rest. As such, this pax pod sends you into a state of pure cool and calm. This pax pod equally makes you very sleepy mixed with a feeling of pure happiness. Due to these properties, this pax era pod best suits night time use before sleeping and also any resting time.