ACDC Single Origin Pax Pod



Buy ACDC single origin pax pod for sale. The ACDC single origin pax pod demarcates itself from other pax pods due to its high CBD percentage. The THC to CBD ratio in this pod stands at 1:1 and equally contains even ratios of indica and sativa. This pax pod burns to give off an earthy, skunky and grape like smell with a sweet taste of cherry. The THC and CBD levels in this pod stand at 42.5% each in 100% cannabis oil.

Vaping this pod will most likely not make you high as the thc levels are low compared to other pax pods. As such this ACDC pax pod best suits medical purposes rather than recreational ones. However, users feel an uplifting effect followed by a feeling of peace when vaping this pax era pod. Users equally feel happiness and euphoria blended with a complete relaxing feeling of no worries whatsoever.

This pax era pod makes you very creative on some occasions. This results from the sativa component of the pax era pod. Also, it makes you hungry and as such helps nausea and loss of appetite. This pax pod suits being used any time of the day and is also good for social gatherings.