707 Single Origin Pax Pod For Sale



Buy 707 single origin pax pod for sale. The 707 single origin pax pod consist of a delicate cross between 3 strains. These strains include; the OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Master Kush. These strains blend together to give hemp oil which burns with an earthy and citrusy small. It equally leaves behind a sweet and citrusy terpene taste. This pax pod takes its name from the Humboldt County area code.

The 707 headband remains a heady hybrid strain produced exclusively for Pax pod by Bloom farms. Bloom farms uses top notch supercritical CO2 technology. This technology entails raw oils from the weed plant carefully crystalized till the end result contains pure 100% cannabis oil. Some users claim this to be the best hybrid pax pod.

The THC levels in this pax era pod max out at 77%. This pod leans slightly toward the indica spectrum. As such it delivers a body high and leaves the user feeling completely relaxed. It equally knocks the user into a very calm state making you lose all your worries temporarily. However, this pax pod also gives some mental stimulation as the user feels more creative after using this. As such this pax pod can be used at any time of the day.